Use Google Forms to Get to Know Your Students

I’m working on putting my photo blog / parent night blog together and wanted to share a video that I ran across some where {probably from someone’s awesome blog!}. I’m sure many people have already seen the video, but it’s still awesome to look. As we put together things to start the school year, this is something that I think several people may want to use or adapt for their classroom. I know I am!


The form below is the one I used to get started with this past year. I’m going to adapt it some more and use it again! I mainly used it towards the end of the year, so it wasn’t really a get to know you form but rather a ‘what do you want me to know?’. Sometimes students have a hard time talking to someone and need to be able to tell teachers and administrators something anonymously. I shared it by embedding it on my school class page. I plan on putting this on my photo blog/parent night website.

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Good finds: Parent Night and Dismissal Checklist

I love reading other’s blogs! What great ideas you all share – I am humbled by the creativity!

What I’m digging: Fifth in the Middle’s blog post from yesterday, where she shared some of her favorite pins of the week. I must say, great choices, thank you for sharing! I had two main take aways from this post:

Take Away #1

Blog/Website for parent night is a great tool for organization. I’m all about being realistic with my to do and project list and this is definitely realistic! I’m already planning on doing a photo blog for the school year where I will document the 2013-2014 school year. Just a few minor adjustments to make compared to the photo blog I already planned on doing. I’ll basically take what I already have done for my start of the year parent night information in the past, digitize it, and place the information on my blog. Easy!

As the main bonus, I’ll be able introduce, attract and share the photo blog with parents much more easily.

The down side: I’ll have to choose a blogging platform. I was planning on using the built-in eChalk blog that parents already subscribe to. I’m not sure that I would be able to get the look and feel I want to through eChalk , so…it’s time to choose a new blog platform for the photo blog if I want to incorporate this parent night idea. I’m currently using for this blog. Should I keep using WordPress for both blogs for easy management? I don’t know that I’m completely sold on this platform yet though. I wish I would have done a little more research before starting this blog. It seems like a lot of educators are using blogspot. So should I move this blog to blogspot? It would be much easier to have the school photo blog and this blog up on the same platform for easy management.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Look at the Blog/Website for parent night from Ladybug’s Teacher Files:Parent Night Website

Too cute! Great job and thanks for the inspiration!

Take Away #2

I want {interpret: gotta have} this dismissal checklist!:
Dismissal ChecklistIsn’t it totally helpful AND cute?  My thoughts:

  • I need to make a digital checklist to incorporate into my Smart Notebook files.
  • My list may include:
    • Did  you write your homework in your agenda?
    • Turn in or put your work away in your binder.
    • Do you have all of your belongings?
    • Check for trash to throw away when exiting.
    • Remain seated until Mrs. Graham dismisses you!
    • Remember to make today a great day!