Line Design- Fun End of Year Math Project

I love art even though I’m not very good at it! But I found something that is fun, creative AND math related for my students! It’s a line design project!  Do a quick Google search of String Art Line Design to see a bunch of really creative examples!  This is one of the great ways I end the school year. We have great conversations, but students pretty much work independently as I walk around helping and talking with students.

Check these out:

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What is line design?! It’s math art! It’s a cool way to use math to create art. My students and I are having great conversations about spacing intervals evenly, changing the slope of a line, what happens when you change the angle measurement, and having an authentic learning activity where students get to use math tools (rulers, protractors, compasses, etc…) to create their designs! It makes me feel a little sneaky sneaky. So much math- the students don’t even realize it because they are so into learning about line design. I created the templates to help them learn and project rubric for them to use when they create their final project.  Their final project can be string art, a digital design, poster, or anything that they wish as long as they get it approved by me first! One student is asked to create a dream catcher and use the line designs to create it.

I have this project divided into three states:

Stage 1: Learning about Line Design

Stage 2: Rough Draft of Artwork

Stage 3: Final Artwork (Media of their choice!  Digital, string art, poster, etc…)

Pretty cool huh?!  Make today a great day!



Santa Sacks!

So excited that my next batch of santa sacks arrived!

My previous ones turned really cool an I am so excited for this next set too!

Love love love these! Specially since I am in no rush and can do these at my liesure. 

Want one? Comment below!
Janelle Graham

Getting my crafty on!

My latest project…

My happy place! Or at least one of my happy places is crafting! 

These dog tags are easy to make and I love making them.

I have a couple more crafty projects coming up for Christmas. So excited for my materials to get here!

Make today and every day amazing!


Fighting Fear

My Lottie is so brave that it is kind of scary!   If you don’t know that their is a reason for a fear, how would you know to be afraid. I am thankful to say that I am trying to teach her to be brave, independent, curious, strong, and oh so much more.

But sometimes we are afraid for unknown reasons. Something deep within us tells us that something isn’t right, which is great to have that perception since it can keep us out of harms way. However, sometimes is an irrational fear and you have to fight it.

For example, I was deathly afraid of speaking in front of others and still am from time to time. I have to fight that fear.

For Lottie, at her young age she is afraid of any type of containment. Ball pits: so fun for most kids! Lottie however screams bloody murder.  The little ‘chicken coop’ pictured behind her in the image above terrified her. It had little balls and pom poms. Fun, right? Not for Lottie. Sweet girl, had to be pulled out immediately. She’s kind of loud for a 10 month old.

It’s easy to look at others and think, “wow, that is silly!”

No matter how ‘silly’ it may seem to others. It’s not silly. But keep fighting. Always keep fighting that fear. Don’t give up!  Know that. Your fears are not silly. Link arms with others and keep moving forward.  Also, help others fight their fears. Don’t diminish their fear or make fun of their fear, just be helpful. Be sweet. Be encouraging. Our world needs more of that.


Trying Something New

I haven’t been in the teaching world for a year now! Crazy to think that it has been that long! I still love keeping up with new ideas and activities, so I am stalking my fellow educators  blogs still! 

But in the mean time I am having fun with Lottie. She is a blast! Love love her! 

Wow is she a hot mess! haha. 

I have decided that I really need to start taking care of myself more because I want tto be the best mom I can be for a long time. I really struggled for a while with being a new mom. 

My personality works best on a routine schedule, part of the reason being a teacher worked so well for me. So, my new routine includes….

💪 going to the gym several mornings

💊 eatting well and taking supplements to make sure I am  getting the right nutrition 

💄 taking time for myself to do stuff that I want to do 

👪 making spending time together  as a family a priority 

🕇 reconnecting with my church
None of these things are new or crazy ideas, but I wanted to write them out just in case someone comes across my blog and feels like they don’t know what to do and is miserable! I struggled as a new momma and finally feel like I am finding my groove. These things above are the things that have made my life so smuch much better! 

Ahead of the holidays

I must say that I have never felt better about being on top of the holidays! Something feels right about planning ahead!

It started with the father’s day gift that I wrote about last post.  Well, then I found some SUPER cute Santa sacks, Halloween sacks, and Easter Bunny Baskets for a SUPER good price. Umm, yes please!

Since Halloween is up next, I started with that one.

Halloween Bag.png



I ordered extra if anyone wants one!   I’ll post pictures of the Santa Sack and Easter Bunny Baskets when I do those!


Father’s Day Gifts

It’s been longer than I wanted between blog posts. Oops! Who cares, right? As long as I’m having fun in the process, I don’t really care. 🙂

I thought I would share the progress on Matt’s first Father’s Day gifts….




I love the pictures! I hope he does too. I’m going put more ‘fluff’ in the basket and wrap it but it’s coming a long.

In the card I wrote, “Dad, Teach me about good music! xoxo Charlotte” I’m going to do a hand print of hers too.  I got him an amazon echo. Is it bad that I wanted one so I got him one? Oops again.

I wanted the sign on the front to be bigger, but I didn’t think the vinyl would go well on the bumps.

Until next time, make today and everyday amazing!



Laugh or Else

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Seriously, I gotta laugh or I’d fall to pieces.  For example…

Yes. It is what you think it is.  Sorry, I know that was gross. That was Friday, of course Friday the 13th.  I saw it pretty much as soon as it happened but for some reason I didn’t want to believe it was what it was. So, I picked up the entire walking toy with child inside so she wouldn’t roll over it or step in it.  I looked a little closer and sure enough, my doubts were cast aside. I had to laugh. Like, HAD TO LAUGH or I think I would have exploded into a million pieces, which would have been an even bigger mess to clean up.


On a more positive note, I got my supplies today for a project! Can you guess what it’s going to be?

Charlotte’s father’s day gift to Matt. So freaking excited!  Selfishly, I wanted to have some super cute pictures  on our wall, so it’s a win for both of us.  As far as pictures around the house…well, we have pictures hanging in Matt’s office because that gets the most traffic and it is right there when you walk in, but that’s pretty much it as gar as house decor. Every other room of our house has blank walls. Seriously, we moved in over 6 months ago and I can’t get myself to hang stuff up on the wall or to go buy new stuff.  I have more important things to do. Like Matt’s father’s day project and writing my blog!



Warping Text to fit Image…Great Outcome for my Cross Key Chain

This was made the other day….

It’s a pretty sturdy key chain!


It turned out pretty neat.  I LOVE the glitter vinyl I bought to use on these key chains. It turned out very pretty. It was the first time I bought glitter vinyl and now I wonder why I ever used everything else!

I have never been the type of person who can just throw something together when I make crafty things. I go through a very specific process:

  1. Light bulb moment where an idea comes to me or I am inspired by something or someone.
  2. Brainstorming. What do I want it to look like? What is the best way to achieve what I want? What materials do I need?  A lot of this phase is mental and thinking through what needs to happen.
  3. Design. Brainstorming kinda runs into this phase naturally. Often times I am trying to draw or move around images to figure out what I want, which evolves into my design.
  4. Prototype. Okay, maybe I just create an sample, but I like the word prototype. It sounds fancy.  During this phase, I figure out if what I planned is really realistic. We all know that there are many examples of times when we think things in our head that turns out another way when executing the idea. This happens to me all the time when cooking, I think something is going to taste great, then my taste buds are let down.  Back to the point…I just tinker with my physical materials slowly because I don’t want to waste supplies if it doesn’t work.
  5. Create! If I find that my small sample actually seems to be working in real life, then I create!

Today’s post I really want to show case how I designed it in Photoshop.  This skill is pretty easy, but looks complicated! First, let me say I’m sure there are a million other methods. This is just the one that worked for me.

In Photoshop, I opened up the image of my acrylic crosses, which came from my acrylic supplier, then typed the words I wanted to fit to my image.   I find that it looks best when using all capitol letters since they fill in the spaces better.


Change the text to a smart object.2

From here you are going to transform the word(s) by warping the text.3

To warp the text, you literally just pull the text to where you want it to go. Click anywhere in the box and drag it! I usually start with the left and right edges, then work towards the middle.4

After I designed the key chain in Photoshop, I used my Cricut to cut it out of the purple glitter vinyl.  Even though I use good vinyl that sticks really well, I didn’t want to take the chance of the vinyl coming off or getting damaged from going in and out of my purse, so I gave it a clear protective layer of enamel.



If I had a superpower…

These days I get a lot of time to just think. So thankful that I am now a stay at home mom and less stressed, which allows me have some time to think about random stuff. Like today for example, I was thinking about if I had a superpower.

IF I did have a superpower, I’m pretty sure it would be called the “triple threat”. I would be able to rock, pat, and shush a baby to sleep. Babies everywhere wouldn’t be able to resist sleep.  Look out babies! No more fighting sleep for you!

Oh my Charlie girl needed some cuddle time today. I hate that she is grumpy, but I must selfishly admit I love holding and rocking her. It’s a sweet sweet time!  Most of the time she wants to go go go and not be still, so I was thankful for a rare occasion to snuggle.  Most of my snuggle time is usually during feeding time, which is great but it’s nice that she just wanted momma for momma’s sake!