Line Design- Fun End of Year Math Project

I love art even though I’m not very good at it! But I found something that is fun, creative AND math related for my students! It’s a line design project!  Do a quick Google search of String Art Line Design to see a bunch of really creative examples!  This is one of the great ways I end the school year. We have great conversations, but students pretty much work independently as I walk around helping and talking with students.

Check these out:

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What is line design?! It’s math art! It’s a cool way to use math to create art. My students and I are having great conversations about spacing intervals evenly, changing the slope of a line, what happens when you change the angle measurement, and having an authentic learning activity where students get to use math tools (rulers, protractors, compasses, etc…) to create their designs! It makes me feel a little sneaky sneaky. So much math- the students don’t even realize it because they are so into learning about line design. I created the templates to help them learn and project rubric for them to use when they create their final project.  Their final project can be string art, a digital design, poster, or anything that they wish as long as they get it approved by me first! One student is asked to create a dream catcher and use the line designs to create it.

I have this project divided into three states:

Stage 1: Learning about Line Design

Stage 2: Rough Draft of Artwork

Stage 3: Final Artwork (Media of their choice!  Digital, string art, poster, etc…)

Pretty cool huh?!  Make today a great day!