Life Happens, Don’t Delete It

I wrote a little about how I’m changing the direction of this blog, but it turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg!  I made a conscious effort to start blogging more regularly, do some ‘professional development’ through reading other blogs, etc!   I was on track to building a my home based businesses! Well, then life happened!

I suppose life has been happening all along, but sometimes you just get that snag that just wont stop unraveling! Of course that would happen right as I am starting my new journey and dedication to my blog life. Between new health goals and deciding a direction for my home based work with a baby at my side, life is completely different for me than I would have imagined it several years ago…but for the better!

When this new snag started unraveling everything though, I just stopped with my goals. I know that was the wrong move and I knew it at the time too, but I just had no idea how to keep going!


I became a single mom of a beautiful 1-year-old girl.  What I wanted to do is just delete EVERYTHING. Delete my life. Delete my blog. Delete my businesses.  Delete everything (except my Lovey Lottie!).  I spent a lot of time rearranging the house, cleaning, throwing stuff out, etc.. but what I found while doing those things did help me see physical change to go along with the mental changes, seeing physical changes around me wasn’t what I needed.

What I needed, was to realize that I could keep going. Nothing is standing in my way to continue my goals! That I can do this crazy thing called life, specially with a very cute little side kick! I needed to realize that God has given me a perfect opportunity to lean on him, trust him, and let him use me to show Lottie that our strength comes from God and that he can see us through!  I am going to teach Lottie from an early age to be strong, independent, and full of hope!