Fighting Fear

My Lottie is so brave that it is kind of scary!   If you don’t know that their is a reason for a fear, how would you know to be afraid. I am thankful to say that I am trying to teach her to be brave, independent, curious, strong, and oh so much more.

But sometimes we are afraid for unknown reasons. Something deep within us tells us that something isn’t right, which is great to have that perception since it can keep us out of harms way. However, sometimes is an irrational fear and you have to fight it.

For example, I was deathly afraid of speaking in front of others and still am from time to time. I have to fight that fear.

For Lottie, at her young age she is afraid of any type of containment. Ball pits: so fun for most kids! Lottie however screams bloody murder.  The little ‘chicken coop’ pictured behind her in the image above terrified her. It had little balls and pom poms. Fun, right? Not for Lottie. Sweet girl, had to be pulled out immediately. She’s kind of loud for a 10 month old.

It’s easy to look at others and think, “wow, that is silly!”

No matter how ‘silly’ it may seem to others. It’s not silly. But keep fighting. Always keep fighting that fear. Don’t give up!  Know that. Your fears are not silly. Link arms with others and keep moving forward.  Also, help others fight their fears. Don’t diminish their fear or make fun of their fear, just be helpful. Be sweet. Be encouraging. Our world needs more of that.