Trying Something New

I haven’t been in the teaching world for a year now! Crazy to think that it has been that long! I still love keeping up with new ideas and activities, so I am stalking my fellow educators  blogs still! 

But in the mean time I am having fun with Lottie. She is a blast! Love love her! 

Wow is she a hot mess! haha. 

I have decided that I really need to start taking care of myself more because I want tto be the best mom I can be for a long time. I really struggled for a while with being a new mom. 

My personality works best on a routine schedule, part of the reason being a teacher worked so well for me. So, my new routine includes….

💪 going to the gym several mornings

💊 eatting well and taking supplements to make sure I am  getting the right nutrition 

💄 taking time for myself to do stuff that I want to do 

👪 making spending time together  as a family a priority 

🕇 reconnecting with my church
None of these things are new or crazy ideas, but I wanted to write them out just in case someone comes across my blog and feels like they don’t know what to do and is miserable! I struggled as a new momma and finally feel like I am finding my groove. These things above are the things that have made my life so smuch much better!