Laugh or Else

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Seriously, I gotta laugh or I’d fall to pieces.  For example…

Yes. It is what you think it is.  Sorry, I know that was gross. That was Friday, of course Friday the 13th.  I saw it pretty much as soon as it happened but for some reason I didn’t want to believe it was what it was. So, I picked up the entire walking toy with child inside so she wouldn’t roll over it or step in it.  I looked a little closer and sure enough, my doubts were cast aside. I had to laugh. Like, HAD TO LAUGH or I think I would have exploded into a million pieces, which would have been an even bigger mess to clean up.


On a more positive note, I got my supplies today for a project! Can you guess what it’s going to be?

Charlotte’s father’s day gift to Matt. So freaking excited!  Selfishly, I wanted to have some super cute pictures  on our wall, so it’s a win for both of us.  As far as pictures around the house…well, we have pictures hanging in Matt’s office because that gets the most traffic and it is right there when you walk in, but that’s pretty much it as gar as house decor. Every other room of our house has blank walls. Seriously, we moved in over 6 months ago and I can’t get myself to hang stuff up on the wall or to go buy new stuff.  I have more important things to do. Like Matt’s father’s day project and writing my blog!