If I had a superpower…

These days I get a lot of time to just think. So thankful that I am now a stay at home mom and less stressed, which allows me have some time to think about random stuff. Like today for example, I was thinking about if I had a superpower.

IF I did have a superpower, I’m pretty sure it would be called the “triple threat”. I would be able to rock, pat, and shush a baby to sleep. Babies everywhere wouldn’t be able to resist sleep.  Look out babies! No more fighting sleep for you!

Oh my Charlie girl needed some cuddle time today. I hate that she is grumpy, but I must selfishly admit I love holding and rocking her. It’s a sweet sweet time!  Most of the time she wants to go go go and not be still, so I was thankful for a rare occasion to snuggle.  Most of my snuggle time is usually during feeding time, which is great but it’s nice that she just wanted momma for momma’s sake!