I want these head bands!!!

My husband told me a while back that he wants Charlotte to wear more bows. I was in shock because he is not all about frilly things.  Well, our little miss doesn’t have much hair, even after 4.5 months!  We tried to let her wear headbands since we got several at her baby shower and I bought a few. Well, apparently they are not “one size fits all”.  Her little head was WAY to big for the newborn headbands, who am I kidding, she didn’t even fit the 0-3 months headbands.  For being just shy of 7lbs as a newborn, she had a gigantic head. Anyway….my husband mentioned again that he wants her to wear bows.  We will have to opt for cute headbands instead of bows until her hair grows more!

I was scrolling through pinterest and found some DIY headband tutorials.  Umm…yes please! I am thinking some matching mommy and me headbands are in our near future!  This post is more of a bookmark and accountability so I actually create these.  I’ll let you know what I come up with. My crafty wheels are turning up in my noggin’!

Cute, cute, cute!