Adventure Awaits!

Yesterday was my very first Mother’s Day. It was wonderful!  I am so excited about this adventure. It hasn’t been easy. Parenting is hard. It is so SO hard. But I wouldn’t give her up for anything in the world. It changes you. People have said that to me before I got pregnant and while I was pregnant. I thought I knew and understand what they meant. I’m not dismissing what I knew while pregnant and before because I did know that I would love my baby more than I could imagine.  It’s just now that I have her in my arms I can imagine how much I love her. It’s like a hidden compartment of my heart has been blasted open and now I know (at least somewhat!) what I couldn’t imagine before.  Ahh, my heart is full!

Since I am home full-time and can devote more time to it, I have decided to open back up my Etsy shop! I am SO SO SO excited!  I’m going to continue keeping up with education and creating supporting materials for TPT, but my love and ‘therapy’ at the moment is monogramming. I love what I can create!  Plus, I have created some really awesome things for Charlotte that I would love to share with others too! Here is an example:



It’s quilted alphabet letters! These are great for learning the alphabet, spelling names, or can just be used as colorful toys now as she is learning hand-eye coordination.  When she starts teething, these are going to be great to dampen and chill them to help sooth her sore gums!

These turned out really neat and I love them!