My Classes are Committed to Success!

The first day of school. It’s always my favorite day of the school year. I tell the students that everyone is on the same playing field, nobody is failing, nobody has late work to worry about, etc…  I challenge my students to commit to themselves and their teachers to make every day like the first day of school.

And they did!

We did this really cute activity and it was great getting the students to work together so well ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

I had the students ‘COMMIT’ to several things that they need to do to remain successful all school year.  They wrote the word commit down the center of a poster. Using the letters of commit, they came up with other words that they needed to commit to and placed it on the poster. The first letter of their words didn’t have to be the letters of commit, just fit in somewhere.  Here are some examples….

I love my students already! 🙂  I started the activity by showing them my poster of things that I committed to doing this school year. I wish I thought to take a picture of it before I left school.  It was great to get students to sign their poster too.  I heard multiple times “So it’s like a contract”. Yep!