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On of my BIGGEST time consumers is grading papers. Like REALLY grading papers.  Checking their work, giving feedback, partial credit, and analyzing common student misconceptions.  I’m sure you are shaking your head in agreement!

I’m fortunate enough to work at a school that has a 1:1 environment with technology.  I’ve realized the power of online grading tools to help make grading and feedback easier.  Last year I used . If you haven’t checked it out, please do! Specially if you are a math teacher!  It’s basic and nothing specially to look at, but has a great assessments pre-built into the program.

ThatquizYou can create immediate assignments by selecting a category (see above picture) then selecting the options you want (see below) about the length, difficult, type, or make a url to send to your students via email or website. thatquiz2

The best part is that any time you take the assignment, it will regenerate questions! Bye bye cheating! But what if you wanted to create your own assignment (or browse other teacher’s assignments) and track students grades? Create a free account and add students to your class. Simply give students a quick code for the assignment you make so that way the program can track their grades. It’s simplistic, but works like a charm. The only downside is that it is hard to submit and grade longer free response answers.

In my long reading list, someone wrote about . I haven’t used it in class, BUT I think it may be the answer to my longer short answer questions. Plus, I saw in a video you can tag your standards to use the assignment as a mastery tracker for your standards.

Not only did I really like but I also got a good kick out of checking out their FREE program. Do you see what I see….

goformativeIf you don’t recognize those names, you must not binge watch tv on summer vacation!!! After I laughed, I got to check out the live results and how to grade assignments. It’s pretty neat and easy to give feedback! Another feature I really liked is that students can either draw on the screen or take pictures (see below). goformative2

I usually have students show their work on notebook paper any time I give them an online assignment, but how neat would it be for students to use notebook paper or dry erase boards for their work and then take pictures of it!



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