A Fresh Start and a New Calendar {freebie!}

A fresh start always feels good. It’s always amazing how great I feel after a few months of rest.  The past year has been pretty hectic.  After my dad got diagnosed with a brain tumor last summer, I feel that my life has been on hold.  So this is it, a fresh start.  I’m not putting my life on hold any more!!! Life is too good and precious to waste!

That means getting back to this amazing blog and reading my favorite blogs again. I have a reading list a million miles long on bloglovin’.  The ones I have read, are amazing and have inspired me so much!

I’m getting ready for the fresh start of the school year by printing my documents that I need for the first few days of school:
2015-08-10_04-54-43I’ve also created a new calendar.  I’m not sure why, but a new calendar always makes me feel giddy inside. The font and ribbons on my to-do/note pages are a little bigger than I intended, but I like them.  I love the pattern, but I don’t have a color printer available at the moment. Take a look at my creation:



Here is a link to some free monthly calendars that I’ve made!  I have been so encouraged to create these new calendars because several people have emailed and sent questions about a new version since they loved my last year’s version. So excited that I can help out!  Maybe these calendars can help you with a fresh start.  Start organized and stay organized!