Like a girl.

I have heard this phrase many times. Out of all of those times, I never once heard it said in a positive way. I usually don’t say anything because I think, well, it’s true. But is it really true? NO! Then why do girls (including me) have this mentality that they look goofy running or throwing a ball? Or that they can’t run well or throw a ball well??

There are many reasons why girls feel the way they do. That’s not the purpose of this post though. The purpose is to shed light and know that we can change it. Watch this:

This video hit me hard. It reminded me that I have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the future of the girls I teach. Teaching makes an impact and gives me an opportunity to make an impact on boys and girls, but I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the tenderness and support that girls need. I realized this soft spot when I saw this video:

Just something to think about.