I’m back!….well, sorta!

This post is more like a personal reflection rather than a teaching focused. So skip it if you aren’t interested!

I’m back! I’m back! Well, sorta.  I’m back in spirit and getting back into a routine, but I’m not entirely back yet. Back from what you ask? The first month of my summer has been an experience in good ways and bad.

The good…I’ve spent more time with my family in the last four weeks than I have in a REALLY long time. Actually, I don’t think ever I’ve spent this much time with family, including when we all lived under one roof way back in the day. I’ve seen so many people come together, be supportive, and stay positive when it didn’t seem like their way anything to be positive about.

The bad…I’ve been living out of a suit case for the last four weeks (good thing I have a tendency to over pack!). Not knowing what the future holds has been a struggle!  The worst part of the summer is seeing my father lose his mind literally over night. He has been diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma.  He was in the hospital for  3 weeks. It started in Myrtle Beach when my family was on vacation. We arrived Thursday and had a 5 day beach trip planned! On Friday we went to Broadway at the beach and noticed that my father was little off his game. We didn’t really think much of it, contributing it to him being hard of hearing and getting older (not that 53 is old! He is a youngin’!).  Friday night/Saturday morning we all awoke startled by my father. He was acting very strangely. If it was a stranger, I’d assume he was drunk AND on drugs. Knowing better, we all scrambled and took him to the emergency room.  This is when we learned that he had a brain tumor, which did turn out to be malignant. That first week was hectic. We moved from the Grand Strand hospital to MUSC in Charleston thinking they would do brain surgery to remove it. There we found out that he needed a drain to relieve pressure in the brain and also a biopsy to confirm everything else. The doctors decided surgery wouldn’t be the best option. Instead, my parents will be living here in Charleston, SC to get his treatment. This is a huge shift. Their jobs gone. Their pets gone to family. All comforts of home are gone. The silver lining? My family is together. I’ve been able to support and help my mom and dad. I’ve seen family that I haven’t seen in 10 years!  My aunt (dad’s sister) lives in Charleston…we haven’t seen her in 10 years due to family drama. It has been so good to see everyone come together and not even bring up the petty drama. She opened up her house to my parents to stay for the next six months through out the treatment for the tumor, which is another reason I’m still living out of my suit case. My husband is a rock star and using his amazing skills to finish some construction at her house so they can have their own private little cottage! It’s so cute and coming together FAST! His projected completion date is this coming weekend. So, we are thinking that we will return home this coming weekend. From there we will drive to Charleston to visit on weekends or when needed.

I’m so glad that I have summer off to help where I can, but it’s been hard to get out a routine. I miss my routine! I miss my summer planning that I always do…I feel so behind!  I have a new job to get ready for!!!! 🙂 So, I’m slowly getting back into a routine.  Fresh start of the month makes me feel ready for a fresh start!

So here is to a new chapter in my life and adding in some new routines! 🙂