This is {one reason} Why I Teach

I don’t care what anyone says. Middle school rocks!  I often get “You teach middle school?? Bless your heart!” Shame on them! They don’t know what they are missing!  These are some of the sweetest, caring, and fun children I know!  There are MANY reasons why I teach middle school. This is one of them:

Letter from Stduent


This letter from a student was super sweet! It made me feel awesome! 🙂  The student who gave it to me cried and gave me a hug at the end of the day!

Tomorrow is class day, the last day of school for 8th graders (Friday is the official last day of school for 6th and 7th grade).  Class day is like a mix between a graduation and awards day. We give LOTS of awards, hear speeches, and show a slide show of events from the school year.  Of course there are always lots of tears too, but I’m not going to admit that to the kids. I’m SO going to miss this class. I know we aren’t suppose to have favorites, but this is my FAVORITE homeroom that I’ve ever had. That is really saying something because I always have the best homeroom!  I told them that I expect them to keep in touch and let me know all the wonderful things they accomplish in high school, college, and life.

One student today asked me if I was going to cry tomorrow.  My response: “How can I cry and be sad when I know you are growing up and are going to accomplish wonderful things! To know that I’ve got an opportunity to see some of those awesome things has been a blessing!”   Of course I will have some tears tomorrow, but they will be tears of joy and happiness for these kiddos!