Checking for Math Vocabulary Misunderstandings

As my classes finished their 20 pointed star projects, I had students create a crossword puzzle for math vocabulary that they learned this year. This was tough for them because their textbooks were already colllected, but this is a good thing for me because I got to see what vocabulary stood out to them and they could remember on their own.  The cross word puzzle was created on regular graph paper and the clues were written on notebook paper. Students were required to make a blank one and an answer key.

This student made me laugh but then cry because I’m not sure if it was a misspelling for if this is what she really thought about slope….


“RICE over run” as her clue for slope is definitely not a correct mathematical definition.  It made me smile though by picturing a bowl of rice on top of a graph.

This shows the importance of students writing and communicating their knowledge through writing so we can check for these misunderstandings!