Nerd alert!

One day. One weekend. One week. That’s what I have left of school before summer break! Wahoo!

My classroom is a MESS. Between this:


And this:


I am going bonkers! I have tons of boxes every where. The picture shows my first three but I am up to about 20 boxes and several small plastic containers.  I have collected so much stuff over the years…good thing I am not afraid to purge.  We usually have to box up our entire classroom each year anyway, but this year is different for me. I am changing schools and districts!  It is a bitter sweet feeling. I am sad to leave my school but happy to be going where I’m going.

I feel like we all get to a point in our career where we need a change. A change that will stretch us and grow us professionally.  I am so accustomed to where I am at, that I feel that I need to be thrown out of my comfort zone to grow in the way that I want to grow! I will NEVER forget my “home” at LEMS and where I grew up as teacher. Just like parents eventually have to send kids out on their own to spread their wings, I must do the same.

I am SO excited about next year! All I can focus on right now is next year. Between lesson plans, things I want to tryout, things I want to change, etc…my mind is reeling! What is it about a new school year that makes us so excited?

Anyway, I got side tracked…I decided to write this post to tell all my SC teachers to watch the debate tonight! The democratic candidates for superintendent of education are debating tonight on ETV @ 7pm. Yes, I know that I am a nerd! I want to watch this debate, specially because of all the changes to our educations system in SC right now. It is more important than ever to be an informed voter, so watch it tonight!  There is also a meet and greet at Camden High School tonight.