Today was a day.  It was EOC day for my Algebra students. EOC stands for End of Course Exam, which is 20% of their final grade. I decided that I must brag on them a little bit….every single one passed with flying colors! Wahoo!  I was kind of surprised that we got the scores back so quickly!

Break Down of Grades:

A’s – 22 (11 of which were 100’s)

B’s – 12

C’s – 9 (none of which were below an 82!)


Super impressed! I wish I could say that it was me, but a conversation with a student reminded me that it wasn’t me who gave them those grades. It was them! THEY did it. Yes, I did guide them, but they did all the hard work!

This student in particular didn’t get her score back with everyone else, which was weird. All of the students were on the report, except for one.  This girl was freaking out (so was I, but I didn’t let her know).  I tried to re-assure her that she was going to do fine on the test.

A little while later, her score finally came in while she was in PE. I’m unsure why it came later than the others…maybe she finished the test a lot later than the rest.  Anyway, I pulled her out of PE for a few seconds to give her the score. This was the conversation when she saw her grade:


Me: “For what?”

Student: “The grade.”

Me: “I didn’t give you that grade. YOU got you that grade. You worked hard and earned it. Hard work pays off!”

First, she had a look of confusion, then a huge smile crossed her face as she realized that SHE earned that!

Student:  “Well, thank you for teaching me then!”

This made my day. I love it when students feel accomplished and excited about math!  I’m not going to lie, my class is hard, rigorous!  If a student gets an A, they earned every bit of that! No fluff!  This is what makes seeing their excitement/accomplishment the best thing in the world.  I want students to know that they can do math and excel…it’s even better when they know that they earned it through hard work!

Eight more school days for me! 🙂