Paper Slide Project

I’m on the road. This is my view:

Don’t worry, I am not driving! We left about 4:30pm so we will either drive through the night or stop some where when we get tired. My grandmother passed away and I am headed to PA for the service on Saturday. Long drive for such a quick trip!

While I am away tomorrow, students are going to work on their paper slide video project. Have you heard of them? It is a neat idea where students create slides on paper and then record a one take video to share with the class. 


For this project, I am having students pick one topic that really stood out to them this year and review the topic through the paper slide project. They have a strict rubric to follow with specific requirements for each slide.  This paper slide video will include background information, real life application, examples, and word problems.

To help them with their planning, they will first complete a storyboard:


I am so excited about the outcome! I’m most excited to see the topics they choose. It’ll be interesting to what their take is on what they learned this year!

Plus, what a great chance to have showcase and brag on themselves about what they learned! Students need more opportunities to brag on themselves for sure!

What a busy week!


7 thoughts on “Paper Slide Project

  1. I’ve never seen this idea before. I love it! (When I clicked on this post in my e-mail, I totally thought it was going to be about designing paper playground equipment, though.)

  2. I love the idea. How many students do you have in a group?
    Could you post a copy of the rubric you are using to assess the project?
    What kind of camera are you using to tape the projects?

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