Preparing to “Rock that PASS”

Our principal’s motto is “Rock that PASS”.  Yeah, it’s a little corny, but that’s why I like it!  PASS is our state’s end of year assessment.   Every year I struggle with how to review the week or two before PASS testing, which is NEXT WEEK! Ahh!

This year, I choose to do something a little different. I choose stars for my stars:



I created a large poster for each class and listed each standard; each time students mastered a standard I gave them a star! How did I know when they mastered each standard? I used a program called mobymax. The PTO (love them!) bought this for our school and I love it! I love all the data tracking! 🙂 The questions are rigorous and standards based, which is great! Unfortunately, I couldn’t be in the computer lab every day-I can’t hog the computer lab every day! So I also had to create small standards based assignments to go along with this program, usually just a handful of questions, anywhere from 5 to 10 on each assignment.

The computer program worked better than the paper based versions because it did a lot of my grading, but both were a great review. I spent sometime going over each of these assignments and helped each student as they worked on these assignments, so I feel confident about PASS testing next week!  The mobymax program created a placement test to find students weaknesses, based on that quick assessment I got to mark students as mastering standards where necessary. Each assignment from there on out were individually based and students could work at their own pace!

The pictures shown of the posters were taken early on(which really depressed me at first – I’m not going to lie!), but now every student has just about all of their stars! Wahoo! Makes me happy and feel A LITTLE (only a little) less stressed about testing. Why is testing always so stressful? I know that I did my best and that the know the material, so I should not be stressed. I can not change anything! It will be what it will be.

Tips: plan on buying TONs of stars a head of time and prepare to spend a lot of time putting them up! 🙂 Also, make sure grading is easy to do so you are not over whelmed in the short-term! The key is quick turn around to make this endeavor successful.

My good company today:
UntitledI love my Saturday morning snuggles! 🙂