20 Pointed Star Project {Extensions and Variations} Part Six

This post is part of my Stellated Icosahedron Project. See part one ,  part two,  part three , part four , and part five first.

As my series on the 20 pointed star project comes to an end, I thought I’d share some extensions/variations that I have students do during the project, depending on the time. The project itself takes about 5 days to complete it self, so these things are above and beyond that!  Sometimes I’ll have these extensions/variations ready so that students can do these for extra credit or to go above and beyond for the early finishers. Yes, some will finish on day four (or even day three!).  Have those students do the following or be helpers for others.


  1. Find the students surface area and volume of the figure.
  2. Create a net of the icosahedron.
  3. Watch videos on platonic solids.
  4. Complete packet with all of the information provided in videos, discussions, and with place for work on the volume and surface area of project.
  5. Create a web quest for early finishers to find out more information on platonic solids
  6. Have students create another 20 pointed star with a variation of the original.


I sometimes have the students create another 20 pointed start with a variation of the original. What do I mean? I have the students tell me what they think would happen and it would look like if they used 1/4 of a straw for pieces for the icosahedron and 1/2 of a straw sized pieces for the stellations (or 1/2 sized for icosahedron and whole straw pieces for the stellations).   Then I have them make it!

This actually ends up looking pretty cool! I don’t have any pictures of this off-hand, but I’ll be sure to add some later one when I do this project with my students this year. All the pictures provided are from May 2013…it took me a while to write the posts for the project! Yikes!

I hope you enjoy the project!


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