20 Pointed Star {Stellations} Part Five

This post is part of my Stellated Icosahedron Straw Project. See part one ,  part two,  part three  and part four first.

Did you make it through part four? I know that was LONG! The next part is much faster and also know that once you tell the students how to do the next part one time, every thing  is pretty much on auto pilot other than cutting additional string and fixing problems.

Today’s post is about the stellations, which are the points of the 20 pointed star. Let’s get started!

Step One: Cut off any left over ribbon from the icosahedron. You’ll want to change colors! Tie on your new color at any vertex.

Step Two: Add two straws to the new ribbon. Fold them down to create a triangle when attaching (by wrapping) to an adjacent vertex. Then feed it back up that same straw so it comes out the top.

Step Three: Add one straw and bring it down to attach it to the icosahedron! Notice how the point covers one face. It creates a tetrahedron (or you can call it a pyramid) for the point.

That’s one point! Only 19 more to go! Repeat steps 1 through 3 all around the icosahedron. As they get closer to finishing, students may notice that they may need feed their ribbon through other straws to get to faces that need a point on it. They can either feed it through to get to it or cut the string and reattached on the vertex of the remaining face.

Here are some pictures that show steps 1 – 3 repeated to create the other points:











And you can hang it from the ceiling or they can take it home:

Some students finish VERY fast, others take three days to finish the points.  I usually let them make another if time permits, but I usually have them do a variation! I’ll explain what I mean in the next post!


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  2. I am SO excited to start this project on Friday! If you have any extra tips, directions or handouts I would love to see them!

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