20 Pointed Star Project {Materials & Organization Tips} Part Two

This post is part of my Stellated Icosahedron Project. See the first post here!

One thing I LOVE about this project is that the materials are relatively cheap, specially considering that it covers EVERY student’s project!  The first couple years I spent about $40 out of my own pocket to cover the project, but over the years I learned to ask students/parents for donations or to bring a spool of ribbon.

Materials Needed:

1. One Large Box of Straws from SAMS! (a little less than $20)

SDC19584If you have students bring their own straws, make sure they are clear and not bendy straws.

2. Ribbon in variety of colors (about $3 a spool but ask for students to bring it in a head of time for donations!) These can be found usually in Walmart in limited colors, but I usually get mine at party city because Walmart is hit or miss with stocking them:

3. Scissors

4. Ziplock Bags (one for each student, use permanent marker to put their name on the bags!)

5. Boxes for storing ziplock bags (one box per class)

Organization tips

This is a HUGE project that will consume your classroom for at least a week. Want to keep your sanity? Use these tips:

1. Use an upside down chair to help store ribbon and pull the ribbon off the spool. If the spool is on the chair leg, it makes is super easy to pull the ribbon and cut! Trust me, you’ll be cutting lots of ribbon the first couple days and will want to make this go much easier! Put the ribbon you are cutting on top. If you are cutting ribbon that has some other ribbon stacked on top, then pulling the ribbon on the bottom will also turn the ribbon on top, which tangles the ribbon. Trust me, I learned the hard way and I’m hard headed, so it took me a couple of times to learn this. 🙂


2. Use ziplock backs to store the straws. Use a different box for each class! It makes it much easier to pass out materials at the start of each class if it’s organized neatly.


3. As the projects get bigger and no longer fit in the zip lock bag, hang them on a ribbon in your classroom. Keep them off the floor!

4. When you hang them up, make sure students have their name on them. I have them use a small piece of paper and tape it around a straw!

5. Do you best to make sure the strings don’t get tangled!

Get your materials ready to start building in the next post!

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