Zombie Attack!

Help, the zombies are coming!  Okay, so there aren’t really zombies coming, but I sure feel like a zombie right about now! There is so much to do and I am wiped out! Which is my reason for the lack of blog posts in the last week.  I’m doing everything I can to stay a float right now. Do y’all ever feel drained?

Well, last night I got in a better mood by hanging out at one of my favorite places (Panera Bread! Love that place!) and gave myself a chance to just create what ever my little heart-felt like at the moment. I was inspired by Sarah Hagan and her zombie game. She told me a little about it on my post about a different powerpoint game.

Both of these games use special animations called triggers. These triggers (along with hyperlinks) allow you to create some pretty awesome games. It allows the animations to take place on a specific objects allowing you to choose the order of the animations while presenting rather than general animations that happen in specific order no matter what! As a bonus, if you click an object to perform an animation then move forward a slide then go back to the slide with the animation, the slide will keep the animation where you left off!  This allows you to keep score on one slide, move to a question slide, move to an answer slide, then back to the score slide to add points (or take away brains in this game).

Here are some pictures:

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

Each zombie (one for each group) has a stash brains. This is the score board:
Zombie Attack
The zombie’s stash is the two rows directly below the zombie.  Notice the large brain and grave/hand images. These are the icons that will take you to the question pages or back to the score board.

We all know zombies aren’t friendly, so that is where the questions come into play. Questions are listed here:

Zombie Attack

My students had to do the even problems on a particular page from the textbook, so that is why it has #2 for question 1:
Zombie Attack

If a zombie(group of students) answer the question correctly, then they get to attack another zombie who then loses a brain from their stash (the brain disappears when you click on it). If the attacked group also had the correct answer on their dry erase board then they can choose to shield or block the attack in order to not lose the brain, but if then they also forfeit their chance to attack someone else. Groups that got the problem wrong do not get to attack or shield if someone chooses to attack them!

I also have the answers in the Powerpoint so they can check their work easily:
Zombie Attack

The students were VERY competitive, but they were also very sweet. When a group got down to their last brain, other groups didn’t want to attack the group with only one brain left. So sweet!

As a side note, if you plan on creating a powerpoint game using triggers, this feature isn’t available in keynote or powerpoint for mac…trust me, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get it to work on a mac, but it won’t work on the mac, only pc.

Graphics used are from: TeachesThirdinGeorgia and Moster Wrangler Mike.


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    • Sent! Enjoy! Let me know if you see any improvements that need to be made. You may have to adjust text if you don’t have the same fonts as I do. I use hello fonts from Hello Literacy on TPT. Best fonts ever!

  1. Can you post a link to the PowerPoint? This looks great, and I would like to use it! Thank you in advance for posting your lesson.

  2. This looks great! I would love to use it with my math class! Could you please post a link to the PowerPoint?

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