3 Million Strong!

Something amazing has happened. You may have heard. Teacherspayteachers.com is now 3 Million Strong! Wow! That is a lot of teachers!
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I’ve been part of the teachers pay teachers community for less than a year and OH MY GOODNESS is it amazing. Not only do I get to find some amazing lessons, but I also get to post some of my lessons for other teachers.  This process has had huge impacts on my teaching…in a good way! My teaching is so much better, assignments are more aligned to the standards, and I get to make some friends along the way. I know that I’m only starting out, but I’m so excited about the growth I’m making as an educator and where this could lead in the future! Of course, there is a bit of $$$ gain, but for me it’s truly not about the money which is a good thing because it’s not a lot of money anyway! The money just feeds my Starbucks addiction each morning! 🙂

I’m not usually into the self promoting of my store, but I do want to get the word out about teacherspayteachers and what it has meant for me.