Change of Plans {new lesson plan template!}

Doesn’t it always seem like there is not enough time set aside for lesson planning?!! This really stinks because I truly enjoy the planning process. It makes me feel and be a better teacher when I know what’s going on. Well planned out and prepared for lessons always turn out the best. Its pretty easy to figure out what needs to be taught and writing up lesson plans but I count creating the materials as part of the planning process too. I *usually* create my own teaching materials because I enjoy it and helps me prepare mentally to know what I’m doing.

I recently had to create a new template for lesson planning because my principal asked that teachers add a few more sections on our lesson plans, so I thought I’d share my new template for planning. I love seeing what other teachers do! It give me great ideas to help stay more organized! As much as I loved my last system, I am loving my new system even more. I like being able to look at my week all on one page but there isn’t enough room to write all the necessary stuff even on a two page spread.

My new lesson template includes my week at a glance that I like but has one page per day after that. Having a whole page for my lesson plans makes all the difference, plus, I find myself writing important information on them through out the week that I don’t have room for on my other template. I print it front and back to cut down on paper usage, which makes 3 pages per week. I’m okay with printing 3 pages per week for plans! As a side note: cutting down on paper usage is a big deal at my school.

I start out with the monthly view:

Then I also include weekly overviews:
In the weekly overview, I always try to put relevant information that just let’s me know what’s going on.

These are my daily lesson plans:
This week I don’t have much typed up because I was in a rush to get out of school on Friday!

Why was I in a rush to get out of the school doors on Friday? Because of this:
It was a girls weekend in Atlanta! I’m in the process of writing this post while in the car ride back home! Four adults and 3 children. BLAST! I so hope that I have little girls when my hubby and I decide to start having kids just so that we can do American Girl Doll Parties like this one! 🙂 I need to go ahead and get a second and third job just to save so I can pay for it all.

For now, this is my little girl:
Love that dog! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Change of Plans {new lesson plan template!}

  1. Thanks for sharing your day book.
    Do you have a separate binder for each class? Or are you lucky enough to be teaching more than one section of the same subject?

    I have trouble keepin notes neat – especially if one class is interrupted by an assembly, or I get behind teaching two different lessons in my grade 7/8 split class.

    • Hello! I teach 2 Algebra classes and 3 Pre-Algebra classes. I do the same thing for each class, so I have to create sets of lesson plans. I keep two separate binder for my plans: one for algebra and one for pre-algebra! 🙂

      If I do get behind in one class, I do my very best to get them caught up so that way the plans stay the same. I’m lucky to be teaching with a ‘team’. If something ever happens like an assembly, we can work together as a team to adjust our class times so that we make-up the missed time!

      • Thanks! For some reason it never occurred to me to keep two day books – one for each grade. Adding this idea to the inspiration file.

  2. Where do you find a template like that? I think I would enjoy writing lesson plans if they were as cute as yours are!

  3. I have been experimenting with different layouts for lesson plans. Yours look close to what I want. Do you share your template?

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