SC is CLOSED & The Question Could Be activity

The past few days I have been pretty sick. Blah! I managed to write post on Saturday, but that wiped me out! I ended up being out of school on Monday due to STILL being sick.   Being sick does have it’s upside….I got spend a few moments catching up on blog reading.  I came across this pretty cool idea from Head Over Heals for Teaching called “The QUESTION could be…”  I use to only read math blogs or middle school only stuff, but awesome ideas like these can be adapted for any subject and any grade level! I’m so glad I stopped limiting the blogs I read! 🙂

Anyway, here are my pictures from Tuesday’s class using this activity….

This was what I put on the board for the students.  With being out last Thursday, Friday, and Monday I felt like my students needed a fun, yet thought-provoking activity.  It turned out that this was all we had time for! Because this happened:
UntitledIt started raining, sleet, snowing just as school started {it wasn’t expected until MUCH later in the day}. Over 24 hours later and it’s STILL snowing like crazy. Needless to say, SC is CLOSED! State of emergency for sure!  I’m sure all my northern friends are like. “Really? Y’all close the state down when there MIGHT be flurries.” Well, we are not used to this kind of weather by any means…specially the kind of weather that brings the several inches I have outside my front door and still having snow come down in piles. We just aren’t prepared for this kind of weather. Even though we knew it was coming several days ago. It doesn’t mean that my city  state has the equipment or knowledge to deal with it.

I got way off topic…back to the activity!  This is the poster that I made  for the students to place their sticky notes!Untitled

They LOVED this activity! When I told them were putting their warm-up on a sticky note, they were intrigued but then to throw this twist at them was cool! I got some really cool “Questions”. It was a great way for them to show me what they know.  Plus, it took the  perfect amount of time since we ended up being on a half day schedule so school could let out early.

This is what dismissal looked like at 10:45….


Enjoying my Wednesday snow day! I’m pretty sure we will  have another or two this week… 🙂



3 thoughts on “SC is CLOSED & The Question Could Be activity

    • Thanks for the comment! 🙂
      I designed the poster in PowerPoint using clipart that I purchased from It’s so easy to work with graphics in PowerPoint, just make sure to change the size of the slide. I then printed it in black and white on regular paper to use in my school’s poster maker, then laminated it. If you don’t have a poster maker, you could get one made at staples, kinkos, or some other place that makes posters.
      I have seen others sell their posters like this before (which I totally understand doing!), but I wanted to make sure that the poster printed fit post-it notes in the boxes. Of course the math teacher in me worked out all the necessary information to make sure that it worked for the size poster that the machine makes! 🙂 I believe it was something like 27in x 33in poster or sometime like that the poster maker created. I’d be happy to email you my version of the poster in pdf form if you’d like.

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