Lesson Learned and Substitue Plans

I felt my body get achy and sickly feeling during the school day Wednesday. After school, I decided that I probably just needed to go ahead and get a sub for the next day….just in case! I took my temperature several times during the school day and didn’t have a fever at any point at school or I would have left early.  So before I left school I got together sub plans and snapped a few pictures…I planned to do this post on Wednesday night or Thursday morning when I was hanging out at my house.

I’ve seen several substitute binders that look really cool {and pretty!}, but I feel like a folder approach works bets for me. It’s easy to take stuff in and out easily. Maybe eventually I’ll go to a binder format if I can get it to work for me. Here are my substitute plan snap shots (sorry about the photo dump, I took lots of pictures):
UntitledI try to clear my desk of anything other than what the sub may need!

Inside the clear folder:
Untitled This is a picture of my lesson plans for the sub to follow. This is the ONLY thing that changes each time I’m out. I usually write up more if I know that I’m going to be out. But I was short and sweet since I was sick.

UntitledBehind the lesson plans for the day, I put the general procedures for the our school. Typing this up at the start of the school year makes life so much easier when planning for subs later on!

Untitled In addition to the schedule above, I also include stuff about my seating chart, lunch duty, group work, calculator use, bathroom use, etc….Anything that relates to my class procedures.

Untitled This is the substitute attendance form from my school has us use since our subs can’t login to PowerTeacher to take attendance.

Untitled This is how I do my rosters for subs. I like it because they can take attendance and have room for notes.

Untitled This is my while you were out page for subs to leave their information (in case we need them to sub again) and to leave notes on the class period for me! 🙂

Untitled Even though I have information about the schedule in the ‘general information’ sheets, I always include a big easy to read schedule for the sub.

UntitledI always keep extra rosters and forms in this folder in case I have to be out more than one day or if I’m out unexpectedly I can just email my lesson plan in for a teammate to print for the sub. Everything else will already be in this folder!

I also include an easy to read sheet on emergency contact numbers!

UntitledOur school has several schedules for special days, like an activity schedule and early dismissal schedule {and most recently late start schedule due to ice/snow!}. I include the official copies of all our schedules because sometimes grade levels will switch schedules for a day. If that’s the case, then the sub will need to know the new time frames.

Now for the lesson plans:
For Algebra, I left an activity to review properties of exponents:
Untitled This was something they have done several times before, so I wasn’t afraid to leave a card sort for the sub. Notice that I didn’t laminate them or cut them out well. This was because I was sick!

Untitled Instructions were included just incase students needed a refresher!

Untitled This is the sheet they record their answers on.

UntitledI like how on the last page there is room for them to write out the order of all the cards. It makes checking so easy! 🙂

By the time I got home, I had a fever of 100.9! Yuck!! Needless, to say I was worthless Wednesday night and all day Thursday. I didn’t even feel like watching TV!  Luckily {or so I thought} I was feeling better on Friday so I went into work against my husbands wishes. Friday was ‘go to work with a relative day’ so wasn’t going to have very many students {26 students actually} and it worked out that we combined classes so that each teacher just ‘taught’ one class for the day. Why not go in to work? It was a super easy day and I could use all the extra time to get lesson plans done and caught up on stuff. Well, I had to let my husband say “I told you so” because that was a HUGE mistake…I felt myself getting sick pretty early on, had to go home early, and by 2:30 I my fever was back in full force. 😦

Lesson learned! I always feel super guilty for taking a day off and try to not be out as much as possible.  But after this illness, I  learned my lesson to not go to work unless I’m feeling 100%. As much as I want to be at school, I can’t be helpful to the students if I’m sick, plus I won’t be able to get better if I’m pushing myself to the limit when my body is trying to get better.

So it’s now Saturday and I’m finally getting around to posting how I do my sub plans!  I’m starting to feel a little better but I’m listening to my husband and not doing much of anything other than sit my butt on this couch. Of course, I’m not alone on this couch! 🙂



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  1. I love how thorough and organized these are! Maybe I’ll finally get some time this summer to sit down and create my own substitute binder/folder. Thanks for the inspiration!

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