Mid-Year Make Over

I am a creature of habit: I always choose the same meal at my favorite restaurants, routines are my best friend, I like know what to expect all the time, and I get things done a head of schedule.  Do you think I’m type A???  BORING is another word that comes to mind! 😉  Just kidding, I like to think I have a pretty awesome personality and habits!

When it comes to my classroom though, I’m always changing things up! Early in my teaching career I changed up my classroom {furniture wise} pretty often because I wanted to see what worked for me. But now, I do just because I need a change of scenery once in a while…specially on a day like today.

A little back story…

Last night I stayed up WAY to late grading papers and dropped them off on my desk in a hurry this morning because I have morning duty this week. I don’t think my desk has EVER been that messy. Seriously, I’m known for my neatness {in a bad way- my friends pick on me by moving stuff on my desk because they know that I’ll notice and that it’ll bug me until I move it back- maybe I need to reconsider who I call a friend! 🙂 Just kidding, they tease because they love me!}.

About 15ish minutes in class my mentor student from the high school walked in to start today observing today {unannounced! I knew she was coming just not when!} and I felt terrible because I didn’t have my desk clean for her to sit at! Yikes! Not a good first impression for my mentor student…luckily this girl is someone I taught for two years in a row (7th grade & 8th grade) and she knew that this wasn’t my normal style!

Help Wanted: Mid-Year Make Over!

I was in need of a classroom make over something bad after 1st period. Luckily, I had no meetings scheduled during my planning today and took that time to clear off my desk and do a little rearranging!  Here are some pictures:
Notice how in the picture above, that in each group, the two desks in the back of the group are turned perpendicular to the other two. I got a lot of positive feedback about this from later classes…they said they could see the board better because they didn’t have to look around someone’s head!

Another classroom snapshot:
Notice how the picture above has a gap in the middle of the room (kind of behind the group that is in a row)…this gap is where I usually stand or make a point to travel along when making my rounds between each group.

Featuring a cleanish desk….

Restocked supply center…
{GRRR!!!…Okay I think I have a problem! I just noticed that in the picture my box of glue is turned around backwards with the label hidden….I wonder if someone did this to me on purpose.}

Moving on…And now the grand finale…

A new teacher area for my mentor tutor! {or for me since we will swap roles some!}

WAHOO!! 🙂 I think this new area will be a huge added bonus! Students always do better staying on task when I’m in the center of the room, plus I’ll be able to easily call small groups to this table and have plenty of room even with all my stuff on it. I’ve always had this table in my room, but it was more off to the side and stored the student laptops. It wasn’t REALLY a function table. This table hardly got used because when it was used, the computers were moved to the groups/stations that needed them or to the student’s desk that was working with the computer.

Tomorrow I will walk into a blissfully awesome classroom, or will be when I move the pencil off the new teaching table and turn the glue box around to show the label! 😉  I’m glad I can poke fun at myself about it.


7 thoughts on “Mid-Year Make Over

    • Thank you! I love them too! It’s something students comment about a lot at the start of the year…they like the bright colors because it more lively and fun!

      The pennants are something that I started when I moved in to this classroom…way before I had color posters and needed to badly brighten up the room. I created them from a pack scrapbook pages($10 at Michael’s or JoAnn’s) and meant for them to hang from the ceiling, but they were WAY to heavy to hang from the ceiling in the long strands I created and fell a couple of times…luckily this was in the summer time and it didn’t distract class time from them falling. It’s hard to see from the picture, but each pennant is doubled up so the patterns show on each side since I wanted it to be colorful looking at the pennants from either side of the classroom; which is what added all the extra weight. The string is held up by a TON of hot glue at the top of each curve!

      To create them, I pretty much just took scrapbook paper and cut it into triangles (four to a page I think!) and used the three hole punch to create the holes! From there, I just laced string through the holes on each pennant. It took sometime, but so worth it! Plus, it still looks good a couple years later.

      Once I had the materials, it didn’t take long to make. The hardest part was figuring out what to do when they kept falling from the ceiling!

  1. As a mentored student, completing a 90 hour practicum, I just want to say that I LOVE the little area you have created. I’m sure your student appreciates it.

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