Area and Circumference Activities

Yesterday was a little disappointing but also interesting and exciting. It’s strange how so many emotions can describe one school day….specially based off of one activity!

The multiple snow days and delays really through  our learning mojo off this week.  I planned for a huge activity to get the kids back in the groove & still have fun on Friday.   Thursday & Friday were both delayed for 2 hours. Apparently that also mean “I didn’t think we had to do the homework” becomes an acceptable excuse according to students.  So my area and circumference activities didn’t go EXACTLY as planned, but it was still fun!

I split the class into two groups:

1. Students that did not do the homework  had to do the homework and turn it in before they could participate.

2. Students that did their homework got to participate in our area & circumference activities.
Instead of having as many groups as I had planned, we had fewer, but it worked out because it turned into a speed competition with different rounds based on my different card sorts!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures during the activity because I was so thrown off by the change of plans! But, here are some pictures of the cards sorts:


Here are some more pictures of the individual cards and what can be found in my bundle :

Just for the heck of it, here is a picture of one of my dogs! 🙂Untitled
I couldn’t resist! She’s too darn cute! 🙂