Circles: Area & Circumference Card Sorts/Task Card Activites

One of my items I worked on during the snowpocalyse is a set of activities on area and circumference of circles…this is something I’m going to use in class today!  My students are getting into volume of cylinders, cones, spheres, etc… So the natural place to start is a review on circles since we will use the formula often, plus it gives the students a chance to practice multiplying by decimals which they hate.  I had the chance to make several items, so I put together a pretty big circle area & circumference bundle item in my TPT store.

I’m planning a good post tomorrow about these activities, but I want to do these activities with my students first so that way I have some good pictures!  I did spend a good bit of time last night watching tv while cutting out these activities. Yuck!  Doing these types of activities are great, but how do you cut them out quickly?!?
I’d love to hear how to do this more efficiently! 🙂 Any suggestions? Also, any tips on paper type for printing? I printed them on regular paper and laminated them at school, but they are still thinner than I thought.  They will work great, but I think I’d like them to be sturdier and thicker.  Does anyone print their card sorts on card stock and still laminate? Just curious!


2 thoughts on “Circles: Area & Circumference Card Sorts/Task Card Activites

  1. I have printed card sorts on both regular 20# paper and on card stock. The card stock makes the laminated cards MUCH sturdier. But, I’ve found that both work equally well for my purposes.

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