Awesome Week!

I just thought I share a few things that have really made my week!

1. I finally feel like a runner!

I’ve been working on my goal of moving 5 miles a week. Overall, I’ve done pretty well. My husband might not agree because there were lots of miles walked. BUT…this week I FINALLY feel like a true runner.  I ran a whole mile, without stopping…and at a pretty good pace {for a beginner}.  I know it’s only a mile. Not that big of a deal, but to me it’s HUGE!   I guess it’s especially a big deal to me because there were two weeks that I had some pretty bad back pain and shin splints.  After trying a few things to make the pain stop, I bought two of my favorite items: new shoe inserts {for my new sneakers. 😦  I guess I should have paid more attention to the arch support before I bought my shoes} and shin/calf sleeves. These are my best friends when it comes to running!

I feel like I’ve accomplished this goal just in time. My goal is to move  10 miles a week for February. That’s a big goal, but totally do able.  I’ll start with running a mile, walking a mile and slowly add an increase the amount of running by quarter-mile increments. By the end of February I should be ale to run 2 miles without stopping with no problem! 🙂

2. Matt sold our house {accepted an offer and started the process}!

I’m not thrilled with the process of moving, but I’m so excited for Matt.  It’s been his dream to “flip” houses.  This house is the first of many to come. We have had to live in the house longer than we wanted, but Matt now understands the process better.  I’m so happy that he is accomplishing something that he wants to do career wise.  This is a two-fold success because Matt also started his own construction business. It’s a win for both Matt and the company. The company is just a start-up for now, but is going to blossom because of all his hard work.

3. I’m finally happy with my blog design…

…I think. 🙂  I wrote the other day about how much I am really love working with  graphics and html coding.  I think that if the teaching profession didn’t exist, I’d want to be a programmer. Love love love technology!


It’s been a successful week all the way around! 🙂