Great Post on Restrictive Social Media Policies

I just read a great post on about social media policies in schools. This line rings so true {to me}:

The reality is that social media doesn’t cause inappropriate behavior. It catches it. Policies like this don’t address the real concerns a district may have about inappropriate behavior.

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what my districts policy is on social media, but I know that because of all the inappropriate behavior and confusions, I’d rather stay way from social media all together when comes to teaching, school, and students. I don’t want to even come close to crossing the line, so I’d rather go in the complete opposite direction just as a precaution. The only interaction that I have with students on-line is through Edmodo!

It reminds me of merely treating the symptoms when we should be treating the illness.  If a person has a decaying tooth/cavity, then a pain pill isn’t going to solve the problem only mask it for now while the issue gets worse.

Here is the original blog post if you care to read it.