No guilt for relaxing

This past weekend was wonderful. It was a long weekend, and I decided (for once finally!) that I wouldn’t do ANY school work. I must be crazy right?!! Nope! That is exactly what I needed. A weekend to do only fun hobbies…no work, all play. It was wonderful.

I felt kind of guilty doing the things that I wanted to do because there is ALWAYS so much to do and so much at stake that I don’t feel like I can truly take time for myself, even on the weekends.  This got me to thinking about that the fact that I could do exactly that without any real issues to work around. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, so I’m not super-duper pressed with responsibilities at home other than taking care of my sweet husband {but taking care of him is super easy because it’s really him taking care of me}!  So, I’ve been spoiled at home for the past 7 years of teaching by allowing myself to do dive so deep into grad school and work, which makes me feel super prepared and have awesome results.  All of which is a good thing {as long as I don’t let work interfere with my personal relationships}!

With all that being true, I can not imagine what it would be like to have multiple kids at home and still teach with the quality necessary for our students to succeed. Draining. That is the only word that could imagine describing working & taking care of young children, but I’m sure it doesn’t come close to describe what it’s really like. It has to be possible, many have done it extremely well, I just can’t imagine…sometimes I feel so drained myself and I don’t have the extra pressure of needed to rush home to take care of my babies. I get the sleep I need at night and I get to stay extra hours at school if I need to get stuff done.

Hats off to all the working mothers out in the world, especially working mothers that are teachers!

After thinking about all of this, I didn’t feel guilt for taking some time for myself. Actually, I think its good for everyone to take a step back from work. It definitely made me come back to work yesterday feeling refreshed and more rejuvenated. Plus, I’m going to take advantage of the personal time that I have, while I still can! 🙂

So how did I relax? Caught up on blog reading, spent time with my hubby, played with my dogs, and freshened up on my designing skills {web design & graphics}. Some may think, that’s relaxing? It doesn’t sound too much like I left work behind for the weekend, but I did. I enjoy learning! Plus, look at my blog! I’m using myself as a guinea pig for my skills. I like what I had before, but I wanted something else. I like change, which gave me a chance to see my work/skills in action. I’m still working on a few things, but yay for what I have so far! 🙂