My New Loves

Have you ever bought or done something and thought, why didn’t I buy or do this earlier? It would have saved me so much grief! 🙂

Well, I have two new loves! Both are pictured here:



I treated myself to a personal scotch laminator. I LOVE IT! 🙂

In the pictures above, you see me laminating my Solving Linear Systems  Scavenger Hunt. I’ve seen QR scavenger hunts where students have to solve the questions given from the QR codes and then must find the answer on another card to get the next QR code/question. This is my mini version of it, but it doesn’t have QR codes on it (yet!).

I’d really like to plan on doing a QR Scavenger Hunt, but I need to plan it out better since I’d need students to bring their smart phones and I have to get permission from administration to allow students to bring them to class.

I missed a good picture opportunity today when my students did this activity! They had a fun, even though at first they didn’t understand the process of putting the cards in a different order other than alphabetical.  I’ve uploaded my free version on TPT if you’d like a copy. It’s not fancy or anything special, just me having fun creating!

Solving Equations Scavenger Hunt_Page_01
Solving Equations Scavenger Hunt_Page_08Solving Equations Scavenger Hunt_Page_05

Let’s make today and every day ridiculously amazing! 🙂