Two is a Coincedent, Three is a Streak

So apparently the saying is true…All is fair in love and war! And some how my dogs have mastered the ability wage war on me by loving me so much! Look at this….

REALLY?!! How am I suppose to get work done with them staring at me like this! They are literally staring at me! It’s kind of freaking me out.


On another note, my goals for 2014 are going well! I know, I know, it’s only been two days!  Two days in a row may be a coincident, but I’m counting on three days in a row being a streak! Once I get that streak going tomorrow, then I’ll be well on my way to accomplishing my goals.

So far, I’ve run 3 miles for my 5 miles per week goal in January to count towards my 500 miles in 2014…well, let me be real and say it was a fast walk.  But the point is that I am getting up and moving! Tomorrow is a rest day, but on Saturday I’ll be able to check off week one of my 5 miles! Yay!

As far as my other goals, I’m working on those now! I’m blogging…check off one goal for the week! I’m also taking a few minute break from planning curriculum to write this blog…check off another goal! Wahoo!

As far as my curriculum, I’m toying with the idea of starting interactive student notebooks. Actually, I’ve already decided to do this for next year and have started putting together unit plans…{which makes me feel like a rock star teacher btw!}, but I’m really struggling with the idea of why wait until then to try this idea! Here is the problem: I don’t really feel comfortable having students go out and buy new school materials since it’s not the start of the school year, so I’ll have to work with what students have.  No need to make major changes in the middle of the school year and stir up trouble! Teachers are masters at using what we got! It can and will work. I only have a couple of days to get my plan together, but I’m motivated and excited to get it done. 🙂

I made a quick trip to pick up supplies for myself.

I figure that even though students won’t have an actual bound notebook {spiral or composition} to put their notes in this year, at least I can put my notes in the notebook to work out the kinks and find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been debating between spiral bound and composition notebooks and I can’t decide which one would work better.  Any suggestions?? I’m leaning towards the spiral bound because of the three hole punch, students can easily put them in their three-ring binders and still keep it along side their classwork and homework section.   Another possible option is a three-pronged folder that students can put in paper.


My doggies apparently got tired of watching me type….

Oh I love them so! 🙂  Remember to make today and every day ridiculously amazing!


2 thoughts on “Two is a Coincedent, Three is a Streak

  1. I love your dogs! This summer, I took a similar picture of my long suffering dogs glaring at me while I posted. Totally get why you need to wait starting the notebooks. I made a “master notebook” as I did lessons, and started fresh at the beginning of the year:).

    • Thank you! They sure are easy to love! 🙂

      The “master notebook” idea is a really good one. I’ll be creating one as well…anything to help keep me organized! 🙂

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