2013 in Review

My husband and I spend Christmas with my family in PA. It was wonderful because I hardly ever get to see my family since I live so far away from them. Maybe one day I’ll convince Matt to move up there! 🙂

Here are some quick shots:
Driving through the woods to grandmothers house we go!


I sat by the window and just watched the ground get covered with snow!
My husband is a rock star. He was amazing to give up precious time with his family to spend with my family over 600 miles away!

And this about sums up the rest of my break and start of the new year: LAZY!  Well, maybe not lazy…just doing the things that make me happy..like writing this post and spending time with my lazy doggies…
2013 in Review

I started this blog to help me reflect on my teaching practices. It has been a wonderful experience so far and the few posts that I have written have truly helped me blossom. I’m going to continue this practice into 2014, but first I’m going to set some goals professionally and personally!

1. Blog at least once a week.

At first I blogged very often because it was summer time. When school started, my blogging slowed to a snail pace. I was lucky to get out the few posts that I did write! I’m settled and confidently feel that I’m ready to commit to blogging at least once a week.

2. Continue learning about the common core and developing curriculum!

A few weeks ago, my school allowed the math teachers a professional development day to work together to focus on our curriculum and the common core standards. My district is a little behind on the common core transition, but I’m very grateful for the time they gave us.  Ever since that time, I have been working on developing unit plans around the common core. I’m so excited with the plans so far! Plus, it will definitely help in my lesson planning next year. It’s weird to think that I’m working on this for next year because I’m only half way through this school year, but a lot of the resources I’m putting together will be used this year too…just organized differently! It really helps to have overall big picture goals and develop the units based on those goals.  This goal makes me feel great as a leader at my school.

3. Run, Run, and Run!!!

I use to run all the time. ALL THE TIME. It was wonderful. Then work, boyfriend (now husband), grad school, coaching, etc… happened. Needless to say, running got put to the side. I’d like to set some goals….5 miles a week for January and move to 10 miles a week in February. I’d like to move to 12-15 miles a week by summertime.  As a long term goal, I’d like to run 500 miles in 2014! That wasn’t a typo…500 miles in one year….that’s approximately 10 miles a week for 52 weeks.  I completely think this is do able! I’ve have the resources, the time back, and determination need to accomplish this! Wahoo! I’ve always wanted to run in the Cooper River Bridge Run, but never have.  The race is April 5th. Can I be prepared to run a 6 mile race in 3 months? It would probably be more like a run/walk!   I decided that I’m going to register IF I can get my hubby to run it with me! Forty thousand people is a lot of people and I couldn’t be in that mix without my hubby’s support! 🙂

Remember to make today and every day ridiculously amazing!