Homework: It’s a win-win situation!

Homework: that is the most dreaded word in school and being a math class, homework is an automatic almost every night. It’s proven that students who practice math skills daily, even for just a few minutes each day, have a better understanding of the concepts being taught.

The tough part: getting students to do their homework.  To help with this, my students will start doing the homework in class. Sounds strange right? It is, but it’s a win-win for both students and the teacher (me!).  Starting this week, homework assignments will be started during class in the last 15 minutes of class.  Most homework assignments can be completed during those 15 minutes.  This is me taking a small baby steps towards a flipped classroom! 

You may ask, how is this a win-win? Well, I can now make sure that students DO their homework if I am overseeing the process as well as help them one-on-one if they need additional help.

You may also ask, “isn’t the purpose of homework to do it at home?”  The answer: yes. Students often get frustrated and discouraged at home because they can’t remember how to solve a problem. Then students end up doing the problems the wrong way, which leads to even more frustration and confusion. If students do the problems during class, then they can get the needed support from the teacher and other students if necessary. 

But that doesn’t take the ‘home’ part of the homework away. Students still have responsibility at home. Students are to check their homework answers at home. Videos will be shared with correct answers and with the problems worked out. These videos are shared through Edmodo. Students can stop, rewind, or replay the videos if necessary, plus time is saved in class if students check their work at home….thus making “homework”  work at home! The careful review of the homework will make the concepts more clearly understood. 

The time normally spent going over homework in class will now be used for students to start completing homework, then students will check homework at home through the videos.  By checking work at home, students are still being held accountable for their own learning, which makes the learning more meaningful. This is a transition that will take some time to get use to, but will have great rewards for students who take their learning into their hands!

What about students who don’t do their homework? Well, I’m creating a lab station in my classroom with some new chrome books that the school is getting. Students can come to my room before school, after school, or during recess to view the videos. If students need to, they can choose to forgo their homework time and watch the videos at the computer  station while others complete their homework.   My wonderful librarian is going to get these computers to me the first week of December or so, but until then I’ll have to make to do with what I have available. The best part about Edmodo is that students can watch their videos on their smart phones.

Make today and every day ridiculously amazing!


One thought on “Homework: It’s a win-win situation!

  1. I love your baby steps towards a flipped classroom.

    I’m trying to think how this could work in my classroom. Problem is I’m on a block schedule in high school so I only have my Algebra kids for 90 days (hypothetically)…which translates to much more than 15 minutes of homework. But I love the idea of having videos explaining how to do the problems at home.


    Thanks for sharing!

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