First Week Highlights

So, the past two weeks or so I’ve only posted twice or so! I feel so far behind. I haven’t done any blog reading in forever and that makes me SAD!

I thought this post could just be a quick post to highlight some things that have happened in the first six days of school:

  • I have the most amazing group of kids this year. Seriously, I’m not trying to make anyone feel better by saying that, I truly mean that. I’m so glad I have such an awesome group because the past four years of teaching have been pretty rough: teacher of the year duties, grad school full time, switch grade levels, and coaching cheerleading have pretty much drained my energy. I’ve cut EVERYTHING out {except what is mandatory at school} and added this lovely blog to help me reflect on my teaching to supplement my PLN in hopes that I will not be drained of all my energy this year from doing too much stuff. So far, so good!
  • Today is Monday. I literally walked into school skipping because I was so happy. Why? I have no idea. I think I have lost my mind. During Spot class we did PBIS training and when I met up the other teachers at my training station for the students. They were like “you drank too much coffee or something”. I think they thought I was losing my mind. I mean, who is happy on a Monday?!!
  • Our school had an awesome parent night last week, plus my team won the highest percentage of participation! Wahoo! I know that doesn’t mean much to you, but to us that means the school is going to buy my team of teachers lunch one day from a popular local restaurant. It’s the small stuff that mean the most.
  • I’m working with an awesome group of teachers this year. On our five man team, three are brand new to our school. It’s been difficult to adjust to at first because there is so much to explain and teach them about our school rules and procedures. Plus, one of the three is a first year teacher that started out on maternity leave.  All three are great though. It’s been a blast celebrating and getting to know them.
  • I have several students who feel defeated when it comes to math, which is pretty common I think. My goal for this (and every year) is to change their perception about math!
  • Math book arrived today! Students haven’t received their book or workbook yet since they have to be barcoded first, but I count this as a win in my book since they will have their textbook and workbook by the end of the week. The week we started back it was estimated to be about month into school or so before they would arrive. I’m stoked about their workbook because it includes notes, guided practice, independent practice, homework, and problem solve sections for each lesson.  Super helpful to have everything all in one place!
  • I spoke to several parents on the phone today about homework- all were extremely helpful and happy.  I imagine it could be pretty aggravating to parents when a teacher calls this early in the year about homework. Luckily, I spoke to each one of these parents either at open house or registration so I feel that I could talk to them without getting nervous, plus the line of communication was already opened due to the prior conversions.
  • New computer labs=awesome. Everything is lightening fast. Click internet explorer and the homepage pops up within a half second. Super cool. It has something to do with having the computer hard drives on a server and the computers just have an interface that connects to the remote server that is stationed in the library.
  • I’ve been able to keep up my class blog pretty well. I’m finding out that I’m very much enjoying writing text on the blog. Originally I thought I would just do a photo blog to cut down on prep time.  I just wish I could tell how many parents and students are  actually reading the blog!
  • I made a students day by believing in her and being confident in her ability. After looking at her pre-course assessment from Friday I got a little background on her. She took pre-algebra last year, so she would be taking pre-algebra twice in a row. She wasn’t placed in Algebra even though she made an A in the class all year because her test scores were border line met/exemplary and the requirement is that test scores are exemplary. Well, come to find out the parent and principal met and discussed the possibility of changing her to Algebra over the summer. After going back and forth, they decided to leave her in Pre-Algebra until they got more information. Well, I apparently was the winning ticket when I inquired from the principal about her ability and why she wasn’t placed in Algebra!  The girl was so excited to know that the principal gave me permission to change her class placement. She mainly felt disheartened and defeated in her ability when her test score was borderline and now she is on cloud nine knowing that a teacher believes in her and knows that she will do awesome!

I know that was a lot of rambling. Sometimes its good to just reflect and count your blessing.

Remember to make today and everyday ridiculously amazing!