Today is day two of school! What a wonderful day it has been!  I’ve been crazy busy lately and therefore neglected my blog and reflections on what has gone on! It seems that I have spent every day at school for 12+ hours. We have 3 NEW teachers on my team this year! So, there was a lot of explaining, helping, and setting up.  Today was open house, so it seems that I made it through the hardest days to plan and setup for!

I’d like to share what I did today with my students. I wasn’t able to get in the computer lab to have students sign up for their Edmodo accounts since our new computers haven’t been set up! Monitor and adjust! So, instead we finished going over the PBIS/Syllabus/Grading procedures then did 31-derful. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Here are some snapshots:


My honors classes did fantastic! My other classes did well too, but it did take some encouragement for a few groups to actually work on the assignment.

During this activity, there were a few things that I noticed/paid close attention to:

1. Who buddied up with who

2. How well they worked together

3. Listened to their discussion and strategies {great insight to how they think!}

It was awesome! I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.
Remember to make today and every day ridiculously amazing!