Class Procedures: My new posters!

At my school, teachers are required to post several things in their class every day: rules, standards, objectives, agenda, etc… all of which are pretty standard and necessary. One thing that I hate posting is this:
Class procedures
It’s my class procedures. It’s not that I don’t like posting them, it’s just REALLY, REALLY unattractive.  My teammates and I used the poster maker at my school to create these large posters. They are roughly 2 feet by 3 feet in size each, which is big but not big enough for the class to truly see and read the posters like they should.


Why can’t everything be super cute AND useful like the whole brain teaching subway art rules? I already printed those and posted them in my room! Yay!

With all that has been done to give my classroom a facelift, I HAD to do something about the ugliness on my wall called classroom procedures.  I’m not near as creative or inspirational as the person who made the subway art rules, but at least now my class procedures will sort of match AND look cute.  I know my new procedures posters aren’t as specific as my other one, but I think it will still work.  Check them out here:

Class Procedures


The chevron background is from iTeach, What’s Your Superpower?

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3 thoughts on “Class Procedures: My new posters!

  1. I’ve never thought about it, but I think I like the idea of having class procedures posted. It does provide a visual for the students and keeps some of the questions to a minimum. If it’s stated and visual like the class rules, they will be treated more like rules and norms. I really like the posters you made and how appealing they are!

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