Monday Made It {August 5th}

Well, I wasn’t planning on linking up today, but it just kind of happened and I’m super excited about it!


At the end of every school year I have the students create stellated icosahedron. How-to directions for creating this are on my ‘to write list’ for blog posts- it’ll end up being one heck of a long blog post!

As any in class school project goes, I typically create a stellated icosahedron during each class to demonstrate the process. This is what it looks like in the end:
My Aviary-Edited Photo

They are pretty dang neat. Once I post my tour of my classroom pictures, you’ll see several of them hanging from the ceiling!

Here are the supplies: Gallon size ziplock bags, 90 straws {I use 45 straw cut in half to make the size displayed – 90 straws is HUGE}, and ribbon.
If you ever do this project, go to Sam’s Club for the straws. I can a box of 3000 straws for 10 bucks. Sometimes I get two boxes if I think I’m going to have enough time to let some students make a second one {if they finish early!}.
My Aviary-Edited Photo

So, for my Monday Made It, I created 5 of them! Well, I guess I didn’t really create 5, I finished creating 5 of them…these were the left over ones that I started during each of my classes to demonstrate the process. Once students get started on the outside points, they are pretty much on their own and I sometimes ‘forget’ to go finish mine. This is the before picture of the five half way complete:
My Aviary-Edited Photo

It took me about an hour to finish, then I hung them in my room from the ceiling. Makes for pretty easy and cool decoration in a middle school or high school class! Stay tuned for the instructions in a later post.

That’s all for now. Remember to make today ridiculously amazing!


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