Going from a Sunshine File to Big Book of Love

Have you seen this?

Big Book of Love from the Organized Classroom

It’s from the Organized Classroom. So cute, right?! Well, I’ve been working on my very own! I’m grateful for her sharing this idea.

I currently have a Sunshine File, which is very similar. I’ve had it since my first year teaching. It is very near and dear to my heart…BUT my file has turned into a box and things are starting to get crinkled:

Sunshine file
I’ve already started my Big Book of Love, the stuff pictured above is the stuff I brought home after a few years of teaching.  The stuff still at school was put in a binder already with page protectors.

Book of Love
I can’t wait this cover I created and take the box of love to school to add to my Book of Love. I have a feeling I’m going to need an additional binder soon and I haven’t even finished creating the binder yet!

For my book of love cover, I used a frame clipart image from the 3AM Teacher and a background paper from I Teach, What’s Your Superpower?

The Sunshine File that I used before now had a cute poem on it:

Sunshine File

Here is a special file indeed,

To read whene’er you feel the need

Just put in things which give yo hope,

What makes you smile and helps you cope.

When things go wrong and nothing’s right

What should you do — run home or fight?

No! Peek inside, read, rest, and grin.

Throw out the doubt, let the sunshine in!

 -Ann T. White, Ed.D.

If I was good with words I’d create a cute poem about the book of love, but I’m not good with words! To bad!

Remember to make today ridiculously amazing!