What a day

Oh my. T.I.R.E.D!

Today was registration. 8am – 6pm. It’s feels like I’ve gone from couch to 5k overnight…I guess in some ways I did!  This week has been busy busy.

Monday= worked in my classroom ALL DAY LONG. Here is my before picture:



What a mess!  I’ll be sure to update what I’ve done since this mess. It actually got worse before it got better! I’m *almost* done with my room, which I probably shouldn’t say because TOMORROW is actually the first day we can ‘work’ in our classrooms!  I had about 20+ boxes to unpack…it’s hard to see them in the picture, but they were piled up neatly on the right side of the room.

It really helped that all my classroom furniture wasn’t stacked in the middle of the classroom. Typically, in the past, all my classroom stuff was piled in the middle of the classroom as a mountain of mess after floors were waxed over the summer.

Tuesday= Errands, Dumpster Diving, and a fun app

I ran some errands yesterday, mainly paying car taxes, taking paper work to the district office, lunch with in-laws, and hanging out with my niece and nephew!  Yes, I also went dumpster diving. I left my debit card in my Moes bag the night before (my hubby and I always do Moes Mondays since they have awesome deals that day). My hubby was responsible and threw the bag away, and then even took out the trash. I was very happy. Well, the next morning I couldn’t find my debit card and had to retrace my steps to the dumpster out side. Luckily all I had to do was lift the lid, God was smiling down on me and put the Moes bag right on top! So it was super easy to get my debit card back. This blog is all about learning from mistakes, so please let me reflect on that mistake so I never make it again!

The app I played with was the ColAR app. My niece and nephew had a BLAST!!! Here is some pictures:



It was pretty hard to take pictures while using the app, it requires a steady hand!
Today= Registration from 8am- 6pm. It was very tiring, but awesome to meet some parents.

Tomorrow I may go back to the school to finish up and take some ‘after’ shots of my school, but I think that I may take it easy tomorrow!

Remember to make today ridiculously amazing!