Vocabulary Game – even for a math class!

I mentioned in a previous post how my family likes to get together for game night. We have so much fun! This past weekend we played a game called The Noun Game or as we like to call it: Person, Place, or Thing. This game in it self is a great game to play for learning English concepts.

The Rules
Basically everyone starts writing three people, three places, and three things on slips of paper. These papers all go in a big bowl. After that, split into two team {our family usually plays guys vs girls} and play the rest of the game kind of like charades. Teams take turns and have one minute to get their team guess as many words as they can from the papers in the bowl.
There are three rounds of this game:
1. In the first round a person can say anything except the word(s) on the paper to get your team to guess the word {try to imagine a group of guys describing and guessing Covergirl Mascara- so funny!}
2. For the second round, you can only say one word to get them to guess. If they can’t remember what it could be, then you have to act it out after the one word is said.
3. In the last round, you can only act out the word to get them to guess.

Each round ends when the bowl is empty. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins!

What about Math?
But I am a math teacher! I wouldn’t do that game in my class as it is, but I could modify it!

I was thinking that this could be done with math vocabulary words. I would place all the math words on cards and place them in a basket before class starts. I would have two teams rotate to the front and have them describe the words using the three rounds above!
A timer could easily be set on the Smartboard for a minute. At the end of the minute, the opposite team could try to guess the last vocabulary word if the playing team didn’t guess it before the time ended. Allowing the opposite team a chance to answer when at the end of a turn will help make the opposite team pay attention even when it is not their turn.

Remember to make today ridiculously amazing!!