Doceri – A great way to do class presentations with an iPad!

I found a new app, it’s been out a while but it’s new to me. It’s called Doceri. Have you used it before? What do you think?

Doceri allows you to take control of you computer through your iPad and make presentations. As they say on their website, Doceri is “The professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screen cast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and remote desktop control.”

I’ve had similar apps before, but I am super excited about this one! The past apps I have used struggle to make a seemless connection with a PC. Doceri is FAR superior than that! Its super smooth on both my Mac and PC.

There are lots of controls and features. This is how it looks on my iPad when I have it connected to the computer:

Note though that the controls shown at the top of the iPad are not also shown on the computer screen or projector during the presentation. This makes it super convenient to use my files on the computer and Smartboard, yet also walk around the room and manage anything on the screen from the iPad where ever I am standing!

Here is another screen shot.

It can be tricky to write on the iPad, so I use a stylus. This app makes it pretty easy to write because of two features:
1. A zoom feature allows you to zoom into
2. A wrist guard allows you to lean your hand on the screen. The wrist guard is adjustable!

Here is a look of the screen zoomed in:


Another cool feature is the timeline feature. This is unlike anything I’ve used in the past. It’s kind of like a hybrid video. Half video, half interactive tool! In the middle of the timeline you can start drawing and interacting with elements, then click play to resume!

It plays back whatever you write/draw, but you can speed it up or down, automatically stop at any point, or even record a screen cast video to share with the class. After I got use to the timeline feature, I found it to be VERY helpful. Take a look:

Here is a quick video showing of me using the app for a quick presentation. Keep in mind that the computer would be projected on to the smart board.

Remember to make today ridiculously amazing!