I am Getting Nervous!

This is a short share. I am nervous! I am seeing several people posting about working in their classroom. I didn’t realize my district was weird! They won’t let us in our class over the summer to work. I have my piles of stuff that I’ve done over the course of the summer that I will bring to school. But I want to put everything in its place and be organized! School registration is next Wednesday, so I may get a quick sneak peek at what needs to be done then, but I can’t stat until August 1st! It’s something about workers comp. Needless to say, but my mind is reeling and can’t sleep which is bad because my hubby and i are getting up at 5 am to work out!

On a side note, a positive came out of being up so late: I figured out how to split my ipad key board to type with just my thumbs like info when texting!


Oh thinks that are amusing at 1 in the morning! I like to type on the regular keyboard on the iPad but typing with thumbs work better when laying down in bed!