I Razzle Dazzled my Pinterest Boards!

I am in awe of the creative ideas shared in the blogosphere.  The Fifth in the Middle blog post on Pinterest organization got me inspired and gave me good reason to procrastinate on things I didn’t want to do! Here is my BRAND NEW pinterest boards:


To make the cover page for each board, I used  the beautiful glitter mega bundle from Teaching Superpower. I love them!  I’m pretty good with Photoshop and other photo editors, but I find that I spend too much time perfecting! I’d rather just get the goods from amazing artists to keep my mind exploding from having to many project ideas floating around in my head!

The only problem is, I think I’m a little to OCD because I keep thinking of more and more board categories that I will be needing! I feel like I’m starting over with my pinterest boards, and that’s okay but my OCD self wants to be able to have sub-categories! 🙂 Signature

2 thoughts on “I Razzle Dazzled my Pinterest Boards!

  1. I’m totally doing the same thing!! 🙂 It’s so addicting. I do agree, I’m so OCD and want to perfect everything and I recently re-categorized my boards to which was a hassle but worth every minute!

    ,Miss, Hey Miss!

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