Putting it all together: Lesson Plans and Calendar

Okay! I created my lesson plan template like over a week ago. But it took me a little while to put it together!

Option #1 FedEx Office Online

I’m sure there are other similar websites for printing that are cheaper, but other websites were slow to load which caused me to go with FedEx Office Online. Cost: $22  I think this is a fairly decent price. It includes a printing pages, clear cover, solid back, hole punch, and tabs! However, the price is for one color page for the front. Bummer on the color! FedEx Office

Option #2 Office Depot

(maybe Office Max?- Can’t remember which one! Opps!) Cost: Less than $5 if I print. This includes spiral binding, hole punch, clear vinyl cover, and black solid cover.

I think this is a pretty good option and one that I may still option for if option 3 doesn’t work out.

Option #3 Page Protectors

Cost: $10 for a 200 pack from Sams (but you only use about 50 so there is lots left over) plus the cost for self printing (ink and paper).

I am choosing this option! At least for now. I printed my lesson plan templates front and back on regular papers then put together the lesson plans in the page protectors.

The page protectors allow me a little room to put my documents for the week. I can store them here safely {and retrieve to make more copies!} until I am able to file them back in their proper binder. I usually end up making mess of all of my documents because I just stack them in a pile to be filed, but then never get around to the filing.


Notice how I also use a binder clip to make turning to the desired week much faster! It keeps my place for me.
If this method doesn’t work, then I’ll just take the pages out of the page protectors and do the binding option that I shared in from Office Depot.

As a side note:

I also printed my calendar. It turned out beautiful! Love it. But I goofed. BIG TIME. Mistake made, lesson learned. I wanted to see how it would print on card stock. It printed well. The problem is that it now takes up half my teacher binder. Shame on me. Paper wasted.


Let’s not forget my doggies:
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